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During a high energy practice session or after a long fitness work-out or celebrating wining a nail-biting finish of stressful cricket match, the founders often found this hard to get a filling that can soon re-energise their bodies and re-fresh them for the next task. "It is not easy, and at times you need to go miles and also need to spend a lot to get the right options, that suits your need", Sumit explains. This challenge always kept us on our toes and provide motivation to explore some alternatives. When we couldn't find one, we took this matter into our own hands and developed the idea of Fitcy. "We quickly realised that our idea had the potential to help many others who want nutritious and hygienic meal option that is available where they want it and at a cost that they can afford.", says Sumit. This is the start of our journey to enable healthy nutrition in every situation, and we are leaving no stone un-turned to bring out the best that is balanced and healthy for you. We want to make healthy nutrition easier for everyone. To achieve this, we expect the highest standards of both ourselves and our products. By doing so, we make sure that our products are good for you and are being constantly developed to make them even better. Whether YOU need an energizing meal at the playground, need a quick break with a wholesome snack after YOUR workout in a gym or a long walk, or a moment of indulgence shared with team-mates & friends, we provide YOU the products and solutions to fulfil YOUR needs.

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